Suzuka Amane

The One Bound by the Wind




Female Female


October 2

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Grimiore Heart Grimoire Heart

Previous Affiliation

Mermaid Heels symbol Mermaid Heel

Guild Mark Location

Upper Arm




Seven Kin of Purgatory

Previous Partner(s)

Kagura Mikazuchi

Base of Operations

Grimoire Heart Base

Personal Status



Ultear Milkovich (possible relative)





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Suzuka Amane is a Mage of the Grimoire Heart guild, a Kin of Purgatory, and a possible relative of Ultear Milkovich. She is the current owner of the magic sword, Pisces.

Appearance Edit

Suzuka appear
Suzuka is a well-endowed female with long, dark purple hair and bright violet eyes. She ties her hair with a light yellow ribbon and allows soem bangs to fall across her face. She wears a loose white T-shirt tied up to reveal her mid-riff and a set of jeans which have the left side torn off. She wears a leather brown belt with a sword shealth attached to it, where she keeps her sword holstered often. She polishes her look with a set of leather cowboy boots.

Personality Edit

Suzuka acts highly similar to Erza Scarlet in that she has quite a temper on her and she has been shown critizing others for their failures but in a more gentle way than Erza does. Unlike Erza though, she is very patient and is able to easily wait over six hours for companions to be ready for a mission. Regardless, she is very proud and is fully willing to defend the name of Grimoire Heart because of how strongly she believes in it.

Her tragic childhood involving the slow, gradual deaths of her family in the cold has caused her to become a cringing, barely "alive" person. She suffers from mild depression which causes her to have nightmares about her past and tends to cry herself to sleep. She completes her missions without a care for her companions and avoids conversation with them, hoping that if she doesn't get close to them, their loss won't be felt. 

Underneath this though, she tends to secretly become attached to her companions because of their consistency in being kind to her and rescuing her when she requires it. It is towards these companions, such as Frostyrose, that she displays a kinder, smiling person.

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Magic & Abilities Edit

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