Sana Akasuki
Sana Akasuki

Akasuki Sana






Female Female


18 (at death)


160 cm (5'3")


56.3 kg (124.2 lbs.)


November 21

Hair Color


Eye Color

Blue (right)
Orange (left)

Professional Status


Previous Affiliation

Blaire Zane



Previous Occupation






Personal Status



Blaire Zane (adoptive mother)
Amaya Anzu (adoptive sister, deceased)
Rika Yukiko (adoptive sister, deceased)
Zayne (surrogate brother, deceased)


Zane Magic

Sana Akasuki was one of the three students of Blaire Zane, as well as one of the only four users of the Zane Magic. She and her fellow students were killed after they protected Blaire and killed her employer, whom were avenged by his allies.

Appearance Edit

Sana's most notable trait, in terms of appearance, was that she had heterochromia which caused her right eye to be blue and her left to be a dull orange color. She had dark blue hair styled similarly to a Bob cut with a slight fringe across her forehead. She also has a peculiar horn-like adornment on her head.

Her outfit was a variant of Blaire's consisting of a loose-fitting, white jacket which showed off a considerable amount of cleavage, with long sleeves usually rolled up to above her elbows with the black edges the sleeves end in rotated outward. She also wore white hakama held with a black obi.She polished her look with a set of white gloves, tabi and normal sandals.

Personality Edit

Students arrive

Sana and her fellow students arrive to save their teacher

Sana was often an impatient, rude, and out-spoken individual, which made her highly similar to the second personality of her teacher, Zane. She didn't speak with respect or name-suffixes unless speaking about or to Blaire. She was often seen arguing with her fellow students, Amaya Anzu and Rika Yukiko. It also should be noted she despised Fairy Tail Mages. Nonetheless, she was shown to deeply care for Blaire, like her fellow students, and died after protecting her.

History Edit

Sana, Amaya, and Reika became Blaire's students at some point, presumably in Blaire's teen years and learned how to use Zane Magic and the Saisei ability, which naturally occurred in the few users of the magic. However, she and the other two students abandoned her after learning enough about the Zane Magic to utilize it in actual combat conditions.

Sana defeated

Sana lies defeated

They returned around the time Zayne turned thirteen and partnered with Blaire and her new student for a few hunts, having developed a hate for Fairy Tail mages. Three years later, she was present at Zayne's death, and killed the Dark Mages that had attacked and killed him. They left Blaire again.

They resurfaced again after Blaire was cut down by her employer (and their former employer), attacking him and killing him in vengeance for Blaire, believing she was dead. They rejoiced when they discovered otherwise.

They began learning underneath her again, but were killed in a battle with their former employer's allies. Their deaths prompted Blaire to go on a bloody rampage and kill these allies and their families.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Zane Magic:

Trivia Edit

  • Sana's surname, Akasuki is a letter close to "Akatsuki" which means dawn

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