Pandora Pamera

羽芽蘭 帆努蘭


Pamera Pandora






Female Female


December 24

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Sabertoth mark Sabertooth

Guild Mark Location

Right Hip




Twin Dragons of Sabertooth


Sting Eucliffe & Rogue Cheney

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Sabertooth guild

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Pandora Pamera (羽芽蘭 帆努蘭, Pamera Pandora) is a Mage of Sabertooth, formerly the strongest Guild in Fiore, and a member of its team, Twin Dragons of Sabertooth, as well as its only female member.



Pandora's general attire

Pandora is an attractive female Mage with little muscles and a slender figure, making her highly similar to Yukino Aguria. Her hair is a light blonde color, and she styles it in a manner that gives her two pig-tails, bangs, and hair running down her back. Her eyes tend to change from blue to gold/brown, though doing so naturally and without any magical influences. She also tends to compliment her full lips with a shade of red lipstick, although she has been shown not wearing it.

Her outfit tends to change often, but she is generally seen in gothic clothing. Her attire usually consists of a short, dark black dress, lace stockings and gloves which leave her hands and upper arms exposed, a set of simple slightly heeled black boots, a black choker, and a dark black book which mimicks the anime, Death Note. She is also often shown wearing red nail-polish.



Pandora lying in bed with Sting

Pandora has a very up-beat, out-going and confident personality. She has a fondness for anything "cute" or "hot", both of which are reasons she became Sting Eucliffe and Frosch's companion, having an obvious attraction to Sting. She is often shown by Sting's side and when not with Sting, she can be seen with either Rogue or Frosch. She seems to be highly affected by anything cute, often seen hugging Frosch tightly and was shown hugging Happy upon seeing him, despite Sting explaining he was with Fairy Tail.

Pandora after shielding Sting from the wrath of Jiemma

Her profound attachment to Sting has developed over time, beginning when she first met him after she'd been raped and beaten by a group of Mages. Her attachment to him causes her to be at his side at all times, even going as far as to sleep in the same bed as him, as shown in Episode 165. Her attachment is not limited to Sting either, as she has been shown having a deep attachment to Rogue as well, as she used her body as a shield for Rogue against Gajeel and was nearly killed due to the latter's attack at the time. She has been shown using her body as a shield for Sting as well, possibly indicating that she tries to treat them equally.

She has a strong dislike towards sadistic natures and actions, and seems to strongly dislike, and possibly hate, Minerva. She mentions mercy-killing quite often, although this is possibly from the fact that she was forced to preform it on her former Exceed partner, Cora, which was a traumatic event for Pandora. The event also caused her to be more protective towards her friends and is a possible reason she is so friendly and up-beat. The memories of the event resurfaced of the excommunication of Yukino Aguria, implying a strong bond between them.



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