Lucy Heartfilia vs. Sherry Blendy


Natsu Dragneel vs. Lyon Vastia

Lucy Heartfilia vs. Lisa

Galuna Island arc


Galuna Island arc


Lisa retreats/Lucy Heartfilia is victorious.

Powers & Abilities
Damage Sustained/Casualties

Lisa is significantly injured.

Lucy Heartfilia is significantly injured.

Lucy Heartfilia vs. Lucy is a fight fought between Lamia Scale Mage, Lisa and Fairy Tail Mage, Lucy Heartfilia during the Galuna Island arc.

Prologue Edit

Battle Edit


Lisa explains her Magic

Lisa states that her master wishes for Lucy to die and that his wish is her command. Lucy quickly summons Shiva as Lisa remains where she is. Shiva quickly notices Lisa and states that she is "an odd one". Lisa remains placid and doesn't move, prompting Lucy to command Shiva to attack. Shiva manifests her blade and prepares to attack, but finds herself unable to. Wire strings are shown flashing under the sun's light in the area and Lucy quickly realizes that she's been caught as well.

Lisa begins to explain her Magic, saying that it is one of the strongest magics known since it isn't possible to escape it unless sharp weapons are utilized and the opponent is able to see the strings binding them. Lisa moves her hands as though controlling a puppet and Shiva is forced to attack Lucy, regardless of her own feelings.

Aftermath Edit

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