Female Female


19 (debut)
26 (X971)


October 30

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Lamia scale Lamia Scale

Guild Mark Location

Right Breast



Previous Occupation

Prostitute/Neo-Burlesque Dancer


Team Lyon/Team Lamia Scale B


Strawberry Dawson

Base of Operations

Lamia Scale Guild

Personal Status



Unnamed dating partner (deceased)
Parents (deceased)
Siblings (deceased)


Wire Magic

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Lisa (利沙, Risa), pronounced LIE-ZUH, is a Mage of Lamia Scale, a member of Team Lyon, and one of two members of the Guild who are in love with Lyon Vastia. She was formerly a traveling companion of Desdemona, whom she previously had an odd, sisterly bond with. She is also known as Lisa the Wire for her use of her magic.



Lisa within Lyon's mind

Lisa is an attractive feminine woman with long dark blonde hair generally held in two protruding pigtails with a single bang clipped back, and honey brown eyes. She is portrayed as having full, plump lips, which she covers in a thick shade of pink lipstick. Her skin is fair, though somewhat pale compared to others' within the series. Her outfit tends to change often, but she is generally seen in a purple jumpsuit-like outfit with a neat, white collar around her neck and a zipper down the front. The outfit tends to rise considerably high on her thighs, showing off the majority of them, and in order to cover more skin, she wears a set of stockings, purple and torn. The stockings are covered in a number of holes, presumably for the fashion. Another notable part of her outfit is that her sleeves have been removed from the outfit and are torn to ribbon-like strands from her wrist down, which tends to make them blow in the wind easy and she tends to trip on them as well. She also wears a head accessory which has a spade suit on the front.



Lisa being flirtatious, something rare

Lisa, despite what her appearance implies, is actually a timid, shy, and antisocial person. She prefers to keep to herself and avoids conversation, even with her fellow guild-mates. Despite being a member of Team Lyon, she has little to no association with the other members, though she is highly dedicated to Lyon. She tends to argue with Sherry Blendy about which of them is best for Lyon's "likes", though this has presumably stopped since Sherry became engaged. Lisa possesses little interaction with the outside world, which often leads others to assume she is stupid, something mentioned as a "bad idea" as she becomes angry when others underestimate her or Lyon. Despite this, she is exceedingly kind and friendly, having quickly apologized to and become friends with Erza Scarlet.

Lisa's dark side

Since Lyon has set eyes on Juvia Lockser and supposedly fallen in love with her, Lisa has made several attempts to make him fall in love with herself instead. Some of these have failed, while others may have succeeded since they seem to be dating.

Her dark side, though rarely shown, is highly dangerous and is considerably frightening. Formed from experiencing the traumatic, bloody deaths of several Fairy Tail mages at the hands of Desdemona, her dark side is a manifestation of the dark desires within Lisa. The dark side tends to speak in a lethal tone and with less than polite words, even using foul language. The dark side enjoys killing others and dislikes her friendships and her relationship with Lyon, thus leading her to attack them when in this state.

She can be highly respectful and kind to members of other Guilds, especially Fairy Tail. She claims that Fairy Tail is an honorable guild worthy of the title of "strongest guild in Fiore" although she does encourage her own guild gaining the title.


Lisa lover

Lisa with her lover

Before she began traveling with Desdemona, she resided with a lover whom she worked as a Neo-Burlesque dancer and prostitute in order to support. She deeply loved him and did so in order to help find a treatment for his disease. However, approximately four years before the original timeline, he passed from his disease and she was left in despair. In order to escape the memories that resided within the great manor her lover owned, she left it and set out to find somewhere else to be, saying she was "no longer needed" at the manor.

Lisa arriving on the doorstep of the Lamia Scale guild

Prior to becoming a member of the Lamia Scale guild, Lisa traveled with Desdemona as her traveling companion in order to escape her life as a Neo-Burlesque dancer and prostitute. However, upon witnessing Desdemona slaughtering Mages of Fairy Tail, she quickly became "dark" and lost control of herself, causing her to kill Mages as well. After doing so, she disappeared in shame.

Not long after, she arrived on the doorstep of the Lamia Scale guild, and was greeted by Guild Master, Ooba Babasaama quickly noting her bloody and beaten condition. Ooba ushers her in, saying something about getting a bath.

She later joined the Guild officially and became a member of Team Lyon.

Synopsis Edit

Galuna Island ArcEdit

Lisa disguised

Lisa, disguised as Adelaide, leads Team Natsu astray

Fighting Festival ArcEdit

Oración Seis arcEdit

X791 ArcEdit

Grand Magic Games arcEdit

Magic and Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Wire Magic: Lisa's magic involves the use of wires, which permit her to bind and in some cases, kill her opponents. When underneath the influence of her dark side, she tends to use these wires to torture others.


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