"There's a reason I live. That's to protect you."

— Kaori to Ikana in Grimoire Heart's Heart
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Ikana Suzanna (older sister)
Vidaldus Taka (older brother, deceased)

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Kaori Taka was the youngest of the Taka siblings, and the only one within the Siblings that chose not to have a punk rocker look. She is currently deceased, and was killed in an unknown incident involving a Mage of Fairy Tail. It is implied at several points that she possessed a Lost Magic.


Kaori outfit2

One of Kaori's many outfits

Kaori was a young woman with longish brown hair with her bangs "flowing" back and curled about the main part of her hair and chocolate brown eyes. She possessed a strong sense of fashion, and tended to wear a variety of outfits and hairstyles. However, she tended to wear a outfit consisting of a snowflake-decorated scarf, a black sweater, a purple and pink V-neck tee with Seven written on the front, a pink skirt, and pink and black stockings. She also wore a set of high-heeled shoes with small, soft, cotton-like balls attached to them.


Ikana Kaori

Ikana and Kaori

Kaori was different from her older brother Vidaldus, being much kinder and gentle than him and preferring to mimic her sister, Ikana's personality. She was awfully kind to the point of getting herself into trouble with bad people when she was kind, something that was often joked to be a curse. She had little regard for this she called evil and had a strong distate for them, commonly labeling them as unimportant. She was very endearing to those around her, and possessed a strong connection with her sister, Ikana. This connection made her death all the more tragic.


Kaori smiles at Ikana before leaving

Kaori's last smile

Kaori was born as the youngest of the Taka siblings. At some point, the three were separated (Ikana and Kaori from Vidaldus) and Ikana and Kaori were forced to live in a small village with a group of men who hardly cared for them. They fended for themselves and were often forced to preform unseemly jobs (fence painting, garbage clean-up, etc). However, Kaori kept their spirits bright by speaking of how good they were at singing and her dreams of becoming a singer.
Kaori leaves

Kaori leaves her sister

When they finally escaped from their poor home and found Vidaldus, they began living out of a small hideout they made as a shelter. One year later, Vidaldus left the trio to find another place for shelter (he would find Trinity Raven within three years) and Ikana and Kaori were left to fend for themselves. That winter, Kaori left Ikana in hopes of finding another shelter. It is assumed that on this trip she was killed.





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