Hone Onna
Hone Onna

Bone Women of Death


Celestial Spirit


Female Female

Hair Color

Purple (both)

Eye Color

Green (both)

Professional Status
Key Type



Yukino Aguria

Previous Owner

Risa Hokkaido


Wednesday through Sunday


Fiore symbol Kingdom of Fiore

Previous Affiliation

Caitshelter Cait Shelter

Personal Status


Way of Combat



Twin Swords

Image Gallery

Hone Onna (Literally "Bone Woman") are a Silver Key Celestial Spirit. They are actually "two spirits in one" of sorts, similarly to Leone and Leona. They are different in that they are both summoned at the exact time and cannot be summoned otherwise.

Appearance Edit


The first spirit

The first spirit is a somewhat large, well-endowed woman with long purple hair tied into two corkscrew pigtails with a fringe and two thick strands framing her face. She wears a bone accessory with three, brown almost bone-like pipes potruding from it atop her head as well as a black eyepatch held by a gold chain while her shown eye is cyan. She wears an indigo cape with a skull imprint on it and a long, dark dress with a significantly low-cut neckline exposing her well-endowed bust. She also wears a small red ribbon tied around her neck like a choker. She also wears a thick, dark layer of red lipstick.

The second spirit

The second spirit is a smaller, younger woman who is far less-endowed than her companion spirit. Her eyes are cyan as well and her hair is the same color, but is cut to chin-length, straight and is styled so that only her right eye is shown. She wears a black top that covers the majority of her face, neck and arms, tight-fitting shorts and knee-length socks. Over this she wears a purple, hip-length coat fastened at the front by a dark purple sash. The middle of her chest and abdomen, as well as the top of her thighs, are left exposed.

Personality Edit

Hone smirk

The first spirit's cocky attitude

he first spirit is a somewhat cocky, rude, and impatient personality. She tends to taunt her opponents, calling them weak regardless of the type of Magic they use. She exerts a superior command over the second spirit, and has been labeled the dominant spirit of the two since the second follows her commands. She is defensive towards her appearance and will start an argument over her natural beauty should someone mention it.

The second spirit is less talkative and cocky than the first and prefers to keep to herself. The spirit hardly speaks and seems to prefer not to, with the first spirit saying the second just doesn't like to talk to people in general. The spirit's nature is submissive, willingly giving into the first spirit's commands, possibly because they are companions. The spirit expresses a strong dislike for Aquarius, with the latter being explained through an incident in which Aquarious ruined a flower the spirit had with water.

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