Shiva key
Gate of the Snow Goddess Key

Holder Magic


Lucy Heartfilia
Angel (formerly)
Karen Lilica (formerly)

The Gate of the Snow Goddess Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Snow Goddess, Shiva.


The key is average in its appearance, its only special property being the snowflake symbol on the bow, representing Shiva as the Snow Goddess.


While in possession of the key, Celestial Spirit Mages may be able to summon the Snow Goddess, Shiva, by reciting the quote "Open the Gate of Snow and Ice Goddess! Shiva!". Since Shiva is able to release ice and snow from both her mouth and sword, there is no preferable location since her abilities work just about everywhere, with the exception of extremely dry deserts whereas her skin will heat up and she will be rendered unable to expel ice and snow from her mouth.

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