Mitsubachi key
Gate of the Hornet Key

Holder Magic


Lucy Heartfilia (currently)
Katja (formerly)

The Gate of the Hornet Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon Mitsubachi.


The key is a fairly ordinary Silver Key, with an odd design on the bow, presumably representing Mitsubachi's position as the Queen of Bees. The design also resembles the marking Mitsubachi leaves on her targets in order to allow her bees to track the person and attack.


While in possession of the key, Celestial Spirit Mages may be able to summon the Hornet, Mitsubachi, by reciting the quote "Open the Gate of the Hornet! Mitsubachi!", preferably in a forest or in an area close to bees (and a place far from water since Mitsubachi dislikes it). This summons Mitsubachi, who can control large swarms of bees nearby to attack the opponent, usually with her attacking them with her stinger first in order to create the mark that allows her bees to track the person and attack.

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