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Ayumu Sakamoto
Ayu (亜由)



Sakamoto Ayumu


The Soul Reaper




Female Female


21 (debut)


185.5 cm (6'1")


45.3 kg (100 lbs.)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Independent Mage

Personal Status



Death God Magic

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Ayumu Sakamoto is an Independent Mage, possessing S-Rank capabilities. Her moniker, The Soul-Reaper had brought her great fame and regard for having been able to defeat the terrifying Desdemona several times, though never killing her out of mercy and her use of Death God Magic. She continiously defeats Desdemona when she makes attempts to attack or kill any Mages of legal guilds.


Ayumu appears as a mysterious figure, wearing a full leather body suit and a simple, yellow and blue motorcycle helmet which she has never removed on-screen or in the presence of others. The helmet has cat-like "ears" on the top and a sideways "S" above the right side. She is consistently shown with her black motorcycle and is generally portrayed wearing a pair of black almost knee-high boots.


Ayumu is a strategic, secretive figure whom acts as Desdemona's rival. She doesn't believe in the evil of Desdemona's actions and seeks to make her "see the light". She appears when she is most needed and tends to "vanish" when others try to find her. She enjoys traveling and rarely appears to actually stop traveling. Little more is known about her and her personality.


Magic & AbilitiesEdit


Death God Magic

Ayumu manifesting a scythe

Death God Magic (死神魔法, Desu God Mahō): A magic which allows Ayumu to manifest large demons, death scythes and in some cases, the souls of the dead that she has "reaped". The magic is considered a Lost Magic and a Black Art, in that it uses large demons and the souls of the dead. Lisanne defines the magic as "immoral".

  • Immoral Weapon of the Shinigami: At will, Ayumu can manifest a death scythe with a long handle and a sharp blade to attack her opponents with. The scythe is only visible to those who have seen death and/or caused it.
  • Black Dæmon: By swiping her scythe in a straight line in front of her, a break in dimension, reminiscent of a portal appears. Through this break, several demons of many shapes and sizes emerge. She can control these demons through her thoughts, as demonstrated when she used these demons against Desdemona.
  • Pocket Dimension of Souls: She can use what she calls a "pocket dimension of souls" by slicing her scythe through the air which causes souls, in the form of wispy, black "fire" to emerge from her scythe. By slicing an opponent with her scythe while the attack is activated, she can begin to remove their soul. (Unnamed)



  • The S on her helmet is believed to represent her last name, Sakamoto.
    • Her surname is possibly derived from Ryōma Sakamoto whom was apart of the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate during the Bakumatsu period in Japan.


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